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No criteria regarding lens composition, color, or cost could reliably predict the effectiveness of individual lenses.Since most of the celebrities in advertisements are attractive, consumers may use appearance as a differentiating variable between advertisements that they like and remember and those that they do not like.A further object of the invention is to provide a drag member for eyeglass temples, which may be adjusted on and fitted to any type of temples, to retain the same in the proper adjusted position.The sunglasses's rim also incorporates a microcontroller .Also, the material is soft, for comfort.Ultraviolet radiation UVR has known adverse effects on the skin and eyes.% through autowindow glass alone, .Sunglasses have a unitary transparent pane extending in a cylindrical plane.Participants took placebo or melatonin .In the modified form of drag illustrated in Figures and , I employ a live rubber drag member supported on the under side of the temple , at its forward point of curvature, thus obtaining a curved drag area.Sunglasses having side shields for blocking the sun at their lateral edges, include lenses joined by a frame or bridge , temples hingedly joined to the frame,oakley sunglasses, the side shields being slidably mounted on the temples adjacent the hinges .The advantage of this type of glass is that it is approximately four times stronger than annealed glass in bending.

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