Best TSO host VPS Hosting Review

Fast forward to 2017,and the story is very different.Since August 2016 Tsohost have had a chaotic support team who don't understand basic technical issues. Last week, we experienced downtime of over 6 hours in one day. The quality of support is now amongst the worst I have experienced (this is our third hosting company). We're looking for a new hosting company that takes us seriously and who has UK-based engineers who understand web server technology basics. Tsohost are a first class web-hosting company providing services at a very competitive price. Their support system is excellent and includes a technical chatline, email support and telephone support right through to midnight. If you have a problem that their first tier of technicians cannot solve, they pass it on to more knowledgeable and experienced staff who will keep offering assistance until the issue is sorted out. Their cloud-hosting options have an excellent online user interface for handling settings and configuration, and if it seems a bit difficult to begin with, the support staff are only too willing to guide you along until you are comfortable. buying seraquel from india Recently I have had the pleasure of dealing with Tim Petrov who went above and beyond the call of his job to help with my replacement website. I have been a customer for two and a half years and have never had a bad experience in all that time. You will not disappointed with their products and service.